6 Biggest Mistakes When Sourcing Fabric Products Manufacturing in China

PUTTEX is a fabric manufacturer located in Henan, China. With over 15 years of fabric manufacturing experience. In the last months we have manufactured for over 3.5 million yards fabric for garment industrial. Manufacturing fabric can be a serious headache, especially if you are not on the ground to monitor what is [...]

What’s a good resource to learn about fabrics?

I' m interested in learning more about the qualities of different fabrics and synthetics: cotton, combed cotton, polyester, rayon, etc.  We're trying to make the perfect tee, and most of the information about the pros and cons of different fabrics is in forum posts, old blogs, and that kind of thing--a comprehensive reference would [...]

What is this type of woven fabric called?

A woven fabric is done by interlacement of weft and warp threads.Its name itself depicts its meaning 'Woven'.( done by the process of 'weaving') Example of woven fabrics: All the fabrics used in apparels. Woven fabric is created using a warp and weft. Non-woven textiles are created using glue or [...]

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How can beginners start learning in textile industry?

Starting out in any industry is a daunting task, especially the fashion industry as it is so highly competitive. Teach yourself everything and anything there is to know in the textile industry by staying up to date with the latest industry trends and compile a list of resources for yourself to refer back on [...]

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What performance fabric test by wal-mart?

Our factory some of flannel fabric via buy agent sell to mall mart.I was very curious about waht does wall mart order test for ?For fambily biz  I post this article. 1.Size (42''x8yards) 2.Color(N/A) 3.Labeling(They buy it as fabric to garment factory no need lable) 4.Packing(Packing will refer to price for test fabric N/A [...]

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