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基本信息Quick Details 材质Material 型号Model Number 纱支Yarn Count 认证Certification 重量Weight(gsm) 密度Density 用途Use Garment服装; 衣服 Home Textile家纺 100%全棉 Cotton 100%全棉 Cotton 100%涤纶Polyester T/C涤棉 棉麻混纺 粘胶(人棉) 特性Feature Anti-Static抗静电的 Anti-UV防抗紫外线 Blackout遮光 Flame Retardant防火 Fusible易熔 Heat-Insulation隔热性 Shrink-Resistant不缩水 Tear-Resistant抗撕裂 Waterproof防水 Other其他 工艺Technics Woven梭织 Knitted针织 Woven梭织 染色Dyed 风格Style Dobby小提花印花 Herringbone人字型/斜纹 Interlock交织布 Jacquard提花织物 Plaid 格子图案 Plain 平纹布 Rib 罗纹布 Ripstop井字格/小方格 Slub 竹节面料 Stripe条纹 [...]

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Fabric basic info learning

梭织布 woven fabric 漂白布 bleached fabric 染色布 dyed fabric 印花布 printed fabric 梭织布:是将纱线由经纬两个方向相互垂直交织而成的布,纵向的纱线叫经纱,横向的纱线叫纬纱。 漂白布:将坯布经过漂洗定型后的成品布。 染色布:前处理半漂之后进行染色,一般分为轧染和缸染,然后经过后整理制成的成品布。 印花布:将坯布处理好后印花,一般有手工印花和机印二大类。 手工印花常常放在台版上印制; 机印有:滚筒印花和网印,网印又分平网印花和圆网印花。然后经过后整理制成的成品布。 1. 产品基本信息 材质 100% Acrylic(100%腈纶) 100% Bamboo Fiber(100%竹纤维) 100% Cashmere(100%羊绒) 100% Cotton(100%棉) 100% Nylon(100%尼龙) 100% Organic Cotton(100%有机棉) 100% Polyester(100%涤纶) 100% Silk(100%真丝) 100% Wool(100%羊毛) Cotton / Bamboo Fiber(棉/竹纤维) Polyester / Cotton(涤纶/棉) Polar Fleece Fabric(摇粒绒面料) Fox Fur(狐狸毛) Microfiber Fabric(超细纤维面料) [...]

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6 Biggest Mistakes When Sourcing Fabric Products Manufacturing in China

PUTTEX is a fabric manufacturer located in Henan, China. With over 15 years of fabric manufacturing experience. In the last months we have manufactured for over 3.5 million yards fabric for garment industrial. Manufacturing fabric can be a serious headache, especially if you are not on the ground to monitor what is [...]

What’s a good resource to learn about fabrics?

I' m interested in learning more about the qualities of different fabrics and synthetics: cotton, combed cotton, polyester, rayon, etc.  We're trying to make the perfect tee, and most of the information about the pros and cons of different fabrics is in forum posts, old blogs, and that kind of thing--a comprehensive reference would [...]

What is this type of woven fabric called?

A woven fabric is done by interlacement of weft and warp threads.Its name itself depicts its meaning 'Woven'.( done by the process of 'weaving') Example of woven fabrics: All the fabrics used in apparels. Woven fabric is created using a warp and weft. Non-woven textiles are created using glue or [...]

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How can beginners start learning in textile industry?

Starting out in any industry is a daunting task, especially the fashion industry as it is so highly competitive. Teach yourself everything and anything there is to know in the textile industry by staying up to date with the latest industry trends and compile a list of resources for yourself to refer back on [...]

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Talking Fabric Weight with China Suppliers

When sourcing a flannel fabric from China , you’ll need to discuss the specifications for the fabric with your supplier. Two key measurements when discussing fabric are thread count and fabric weight. That sounds easy enough, right? Well, thread count (Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and [...]

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